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Celebrating Heritage: How to Incorporate that Afrocentric Look and Still be Stylish at Sixty


Are you are bold, beautiful, and over sixty? Do you want to still look stylish and connect with your African roots even though you aren’t part of the “younger” generation anymore?

This is not something that should stop you from celebrating the strong, stunning woman you are. Africa is a continent that is influencing fashion more and more these days and forget what people told you about not wearing bright colours or bold prints in your later years.

There is a range of simply spectacular African-inspired clothes from shirts to skirts, dresses to trousers, and scarves and accessories that will add a touch of that ethnic look at any age.


Dressing to Kill at Sixty

Don’t think that your age has to stand in the way of you looking stylish or connecting with your ethnic origins. Although many women seem to think that as they age they should start to play down the color and vibrant prints often seen worn by the younger generation, this is simply not true. If you follow a few simple style tips you don’t need to avoid pops of color and bright patterns in your golden years.


Rules That Will Keep You Stylish At Any Age

First, it is important to remember that you need to get rid of certain silhouettes and styles as you age. Baggy clothes, long, frumpy, floral skirts, applique and too many pastels are examples of these. Rather follow the simple advice that allows you to wear your denim, skirts, and bright colors and patterns with pride:

Aim for elegance: Keep your slacks tailored and your skirts fitted. Skirts should be knee-length to create that perfect, slim fit. Partner with a monochrome fitted shirt and wear a bold African-patterned jacket for that stunning ethnic look.
Don’t be afraid of denim: Denim can still be worn at sixty, even in the brighter colours. Choose a warm yellow or orange and pair with a light, fitted shirt. Choose from one of the many stunning African fabric designs and add a scarf or a statement necklace for a true Afrocentric vibe.
Keep dresses fitted: Ageing does not mean that you need to wear a tent! Follow style-stars like Anna Wintour who wears fitted sheath dresses in hot patterns. You can either choose a sizzling ethnic print or if you are more full-figured, stick with a monochromatic color and add the African buzz with accessories.
Finish your look with short heels: After sixty you don’t need 6-inch heels anymore. A 2-inch heel will not only be more comfortable, but it exudes timeless elegance.


Staying True To Your African Heritage 

The uniquely beautiful fabrics and patterns that are emerging from African designers currently can all be safely worn in your later years.

Aside from adding elements from this lively continent through accessories and bags, you can team a bright, wax-print shirt with tailored slacks, or use a bold print on a knee-length skirt and keep your shirt monotone. 

The secret to looking fabulous in your 60s, in ethnic clothing, is to keep it tailored and the tones complimentary. The other rule of thumb is not to reveal too much skin. Excessively plunging necklines and high hems are not redolent with elegance no matter how good a shape you are in. Graceful style in your sixties is just as sexy as the mini was in your teens.

Whether your style is casual or dressy, professional or relaxed, don’t be scared to play with African prints. Show your pride, your strength, and your beauty. After all, any women who still puts her best foot forward at sixty and celebrates her heritage is an instant style icon.


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